ČSN EN ISO 4254-9 (470601) Zrušená norma

Zemědělské stroje - Bezpečnost - Část 9: Řádkové secí stroje

ČSN EN ISO 4254-9 Zemědělské stroje - Bezpečnost - Část 9: Řádkové secí stroje
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Anotace obsahu normy

This document, intended to be used together with ISO 4254-1, specifies the safety requirements, and their verification for design and construction of mounted, semi-mounted, trailed or self-propelled seed drills, including the seeding function of combined seed and fertilizer drills, and seed drills with integrated and inseparable powered soil-working tools used in agriculture. In addition, it specifies the type of information on safe working practices (including residual risks) to be provided by the manufacturer.
This document is also applicable to seeding systems where components for seed deposition in the soil, for seed metering and for seed storage are distributed between two or more linked vehicles.
This document deals with all significant hazards (as listed in Annex A), hazardous situations and events relevant to seed drills, when they are used as intended and under the conditions of misuse foreseeable by the manufacturer, excepting the hazards arising from
- electrostatic phenomena,
- external influences on electrical equipment,
- failure of energy supply,
- failure and/or malfunction of the control system,
- inadequate visibility from drivers'/operators' position,
- travelling functions (drive, braking, etc.),
- break down of parts rotating at high speed,
- equipment for loading seeds (and fertilizer), and
- moving parts for power transmission except for strength requirements for guards.
This document is not applicable to
- fertilizer distributors designed only for solid fertilizer application (covered in ISO 4254-8),
- maintenance or repairs carried out by professional service personnel, or
- to environmental hazards (except noise), and
- to seed drills which are manufactured before the date of its publication.
When requirements of this document are different from those which are stated in ISO 4254-1, the requirements of this document take precedence over the requirements of ISO 4254-1 for machines that have been designed and built according to the provisions of this document.

Označení ČSN EN ISO 4254-9 (470601)
Katalogové číslo 506892
Cena 350 Kč350
Datum schválení 1. 5. 2019
Datum účinnosti 1. 6. 2019
Jazyk angličtina (obsahuje pouze anglický originál)
Počet stran 36 stran formátu A4
EAN kód 8596135068920
Norma byla zrušena k 1. 12. 2019
a nahrazena ČSN EN ISO 4254-9 (470601)
Tato norma nahradila ČSN EN 14018 +A1 (470634) z května 2010
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