ČSN EN ISO 19085-7 (496070) Zrušená norma

Dřevozpracující stroje - Bezpečnost - Část 7: Srovnávací frézky, tloušťkovací frézky, kombinované srovnávací/tloušťkovací frézky

ČSN EN ISO 19085-7 Dřevozpracující stroje - Bezpečnost - Část 7: Srovnávací frézky, tloušťkovací frézky, kombinované srovnávací/tloušťkovací frézky
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Anotace obsahu normy

This document gives the safety requirements and measures for stationary and displaceable
- surface planing machines, also called jointers,
- thickness planing machines, also called planers or single surface planers,
- combined surface/thickness planing machines
with fixed cutterblock position, with an integrated feed in thicknessing mode, with or without demountable power feed device in planing mode and with manual loading and unloading of the work-piece, hereinafter referred to as "machines". The machines are designed to cut solid wood and material with similar physical characteristics to wood.
NOTE 1 - For the definitions of stationary and displaceable machines, see ISO 19085-1:2017, 3.4 and 3.5.
It deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events as listed in Clause 4 relevant to these machines when they are operated, adjusted and maintained as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer including reasonably foreseeable misuse. Also, transport, assembly, dismantling, disabling and scrapping phases are taken into account.
NOTE 2 - For relevant but not significant hazards, e.g. sharp edges of the machine frame, see ISO 12100.
It is also applicable to surface planing machines and combined surface/thickness planing machines fitted with an optional mortising device, whose hazards have been dealt with.
This document does not apply to:
a) machines with more than one cutterblock;
b) machines with mortising unit driven by a separate motor;
c) machines where the cutterblock is adjustable for depth of cut setting in thicknessing mode;
d) machines where the conversion from planing to thicknessing mode or vice versa is achieved by mounting or demounting parts/units;
e) machines where surfacing and thicknessing can be performed on the same section of the cutterblock at the same time;
f) machines intended for use in potentially explosive atmosphere;
g) machines manufactured before the date of its publication as an international standard;
h) displaceable machines with a maximum planing width of <=330 mm.
NOTE 3 - Transportable motor-operated electric tools are dealt with in IEC 62841-1:2014 and IEC 61029-2-3:1993.

Označení ČSN EN ISO 19085-7 (496070)
Katalogové číslo 508569
Cena 550 Kč550
Datum schválení 1. 1. 2020
Datum účinnosti 1. 2. 2020
Jazyk angličtina (obsahuje pouze anglický originál), připravuje se převzetí v češtině
Počet stran 60 stran formátu A4
EAN kód 8596135085699
Norma byla zrušena k 1. 9. 2020
a nahrazena ČSN EN ISO 19085-7 (496070)
Tato norma nahradila ČSN EN 861 +A2 (496128) z listopadu 2012
ČSN EN 860 +A2 (496127) z listopadu 2012
ČSN EN 859 +A2 (496126) z listopadu 2012
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