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Drážní zařízení - Základní parametry systémů pro detekování vlaků - Část 1: Kolejové obvody

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This European Standard specifies the technical parameters of track circuits associated with the disturbing current emissions limits for RST in the context of interoperability defined in the form of Frequency Management. The limits for compatibility between rolling stock and track circuits currently proposed in this standard allow provision for known interference phenomena linked to traction power supply and associated protection (over voltage, short-circuit current and basic transient effects like in-rush current and power cut-off). These effects are assessed using modelling tools that have been verified by the past European research project RAILCOM.
This European Standard is intended to be used to assess compliance of track circuits equipment and other forms of train detection systems using the rails as part of their detection principles, in the context of the European Directive on the interoperability of the trans-European railway system and the associated technical specification for interoperability relating to the control-command and signalling track-side subsystems.
The European Standard describes technical parameters to consider for achieving the compatibility of the track circuit with the emissions limits defined in the frequency management for rolling stock. These parameters are structured and allocated according to their basic references as follows:
- Technical track circuit parameters;
- Train based parameters;
- Track based parameters;
- Environmental and other parameters including EMC.
Each parameter is defined by a short general description, the definition of the requirement, the relation to other standards and a procedure to show the fulfilment of the requirement as far as necessary. An overview of the safety relevance of each parameter is given - in the context of this European Standard - in a separate table.
NOTE: The allocated bands for track circuits and emission limits for rolling stock defined in the Frequency Management are currently used as input information to define mandatory requirements to be stated in index 77 of CCS TSI. The evaluation is conducted by the European Railway Agency.
The immunity limits of the track circuits installed on non-interoperable lines, or on interoperable lines built before the publication date of this document, are not defined in this European Standard and remain the responsibility of individual infrastructure managers, NSAs and/or suppliers of train detection systems. In this case, the limits for compatibility are usually given in the infrastructure registers and/or the notified national rules.
This European Standard is applicable to track circuits installed on all traction power supply lines, including non-electrified lines. However, for track circuits intended to be installed only on non-electrified lines, some parameters may be not applicable.

Označení ČSN EN 50617-1 (333506)
Katalogové číslo 98358
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Datum schválení 1. 3. 2016
Datum účinnosti 1. 4. 2016
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