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Zařízení pro zásobování plynem - Kompresní stanice - Funkční požadavky

ČSN EN 12583 Zařízení pro zásobování plynem - Kompresní stanice - Funkční požadavky
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ČSN EN 12583 (38 6481)

This document describes the specific functional requirements for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal activities for safe and secure gas compressor stations.
This document applies to new gas compressor stations with a Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) over 16 bar and with a total shaft power over 1 MW. For existing compressor stations, this document applies to new compressor units. Where changes/modifications to existing installations or gas composition take place, due account can be taken of the requirements of this document.
This document does not apply to gas compressor stations or compressor units operating prior to the publication of this document. For existing sites this document can be used as guidance.
The purpose of this document is to:
- ensure the health and safety of the public and all site personnel;
- cover environmental issues;
- avoid incidental damage to nearby property; and
- open the gas infrastructure to accommodate renewable gases, including a possible design for hydrogen.
This document specifies common basic principles for the gas infrastructure. Users of this document are expected to be aware that more detailed national standards and/or codes of practice can exist in the CEN member countries.
This document is intended to be applied in association with these national standards and/or codes of practice setting out the above-mentioned basic principles.
In the event of conflicts in terms of more restrictive requirements in national legislation/regulation with the requirements of this document, the national legislation/regulation takes precedence as illustrated in CEN/TR 13737 (all parts). CEN/TR 13737 (all parts) gives:
- clarification of all legislations/regulations applicable in a member state;
- if appropriate, more restrictive national requirements;
- a national contact point for the latest information.
This document does not apply to:
- off-shore gas compressor stations;
- gas compressor stations for compressed gas filling-stations;
- customer installations downstream of the point of custody transfer;
- design and construction of driver packages (see Annex C);
- mobile compressor equipment.
For supplies to utility services such as small central heating boilers reference is made to EN 1775.
Figure 1 shows a schematic representation of compressor stations in a gas infrastructure. For further information refer to Annexes A, B, C, D, E and F.

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