ČSN EN 14308 (727230) Zrušená norma

Tepelněizolační výrobky pro zařízení budov a průmyslové instalace - Průmyslově vyráběné výrobky z tvrdé polyurethanové (PUR) a polyisokyanurátové (PIR) pěny - Specifikace

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Anotace obsahu normy

This European Standard specifies the requirements for factory made rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) products, with a closed cell content not less than 90 %, with or without facings, which are used for the thermal insulation of building equipment and industrial installations, with an operating temperature range of approximately, - 200 °C to + 200 °C.
Below an operating temperature of - 50 °C, special tests regarding the suitability of the products in the intended application are advised (e.g. liquefaction of oxygen). Manufacturer's advice should be heeded in all cases.
The products are manufactured in the form of blocks, faced or unfaced boards, pipe sections, segments and prefabricated ware.
This European Standard describes product characteristics and includes procedures for testing, evaluation of conformity, marking and labelling.
Products covered by this standard are also used in prefabricated thermal insulating systems and composite panels; the performance of systems incorporating these products is not covered.
This European Standard does not specify the required level of a given property that should be achieved by a product to demonstrate fitness for purpose in a particular application. The levels required for a given application are to be found in regulations and invitations to tender.
Products with a declared thermal conductivity greater than 0,100 W/(m˙K) at 10 °C are not covered by this European Standard.
This European Standard does not cover products for in situ-insulation (spraying or dispensing) or products for the insulation of the building structure.
This European Standard does not cover the following acoustical aspects: direct airborne sound insulation and impact noise transmission index.
This document is identifying those clauses of the standard which are needed for the compliance of the European Standard with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).
The main technical changes that have been made in this new edition of EN 14308 are the following:
a) an addition to the foreword;
b) an addition in 3.2.2;
c) a new 4.3.9;
d) modification of 5.3.2;
e) modification of Clause 7;
f) modification of Clause 8;
g) modification of Annex A;
h) a new Annex ZA.

Označení ČSN EN 14308 (727230)
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