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Spínací a řídicí přístroje nízkého napětí - Údaje o výrobcích a vlastnosti pro výměnu informací

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Anotace obsahu normy

Mainly large customers and wholesalers are requesting standardized product descriptions and product properties from product manufacturers. However, all stakeholders will benefit from this standardised presentation and data exchange.
Multiple associations or groups of actors launched different initiatives to try to respond to this demand but, due to the lack of standardisation of classes and properties, the situation is not satisfactory neither for customers nor for manufacturers.
In order to keep the lead of product description, IEC proposes a new consistent solution within its product standards.
The purpose of this International Standard is to:
- define device classes and properties for low voltage switchgear and controlgear in a dedicated standard,
- provide a basis for introduction of the low voltage switchgear and controlgear classes and properties into the IEC 61360 database maintained by IEC/SC3D (see http://std.iec.ch/iec61360).
This standard is not intended to establish a hierarchy of product classes called classification.
The intended benefits of this standard are to:
- reduce the time and efforts of mapping data for each customer request;
- optimize the workflow of B2B exchanges;
- minimize duplication of articles in customer inventories and in databases;
- minimize losses and misinterpretation of data during exchanges;
- facilitate the selection of a product, especially regarding reliability and safety;
- give access to product data everywhere regardless of country, language and culture;
- provide product data related to environmental aspects such as material declaration;
- contribute to the fast growth of the e-business by simplifying the development of:
- e-Catalogue allowing the differentiation of products performances, certifications and approvals, etc;
- e-commerce: use of electronic networks to exchange information, products, services and payments for commercial and communication purposes between individuals (consumers) and businesses, between businesses themselves.
The output of this standard consists of:
- reference dictionary of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear using existing terms from IEC standards. However, terminology used in e-business may be relevant for the purpose of naming classes in this standard to get a high level of acceptance;
- properties for e-commerce purposes, conformity of properties with product standards being the main goal of this standard.
NOTE - The classes "under consideration" are for information only and are intended to be completed during the next maintenance cycle.
For this project, the introduction of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear within the IEC 61360 database needs to address the following technical aspect:
- IEC 61360 requires mandatory attributes. The complete set of mandatory attributes with additional relevant attributes for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear will be available within the IEC 61360 database. At the development stage, the CDD 62683 database is available at the following address:
http://std.iec.ch/cdd/iec62683/cdddev.nsf/Welcome?OpenPage . Within the present document, only the most useful attributes will be presented;
- The switchgear and controlgear data model is implemented in an appropriate domain of the IEC Component Data Dictionary (CDD), IEC 61360, by creating dictionaries of blocks, classes and properties.

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