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Kotle na plynná paliva pro ústřední vytápění - Část 1: Obecné požadavky a zkoušky

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This European Standard specifies the common requirements and test methods concerning, in particular the construction, safety, fitness for purpose, and rational use of energy, as well as the classification!, marking and energy labelling" of gas-fired central heating boilers that are fitted with atmospheric burners, fan assisted atmospheric burners or fully premixed burners, and are hereafter referred to as "boilers".
This European Standard is to be used in conjunction with the specific Parts 2 (Part 2-1 and following ones).
This European Standard applies to boilers of types B and C !deleted text".
! NOTE: For further background information on appliance types see CEN/TR 1749:2014 [1]."
a) That use one or more combustible gases of the three gas families at the pressures stated in EN 437;
b) Where the temperature of the heat transfer fluid does not exceed 105 °C during normal operation;
c) Where the maximum operating pressure in the water circuit does not exceed 6 bar;
d) Which can give rise to condensation under certain circumstances;
e) !which are declared in the installation instructions to be either a "condensing" boiler or a "low temperature boiler" or a "standard boiler" or an "other boiler". If no declaration is given the boiler is to be considered both a "standard boiler" and an "other boiler";
NOTE: The Eco-design Directive defines "other boilers", "low temperature boilers" and "condensing boilers". The Boiler Efficiency Directive defines "standard boilers", "low temperature boilers" and "condensing boilers". Depending on the legislation applied, a boiler can be both "a standard boiler" and an "other boiler"."
f) Which are intended to be installed inside a building or in a partially protected place;
g) Which are intended to produce hot water either by the instantaneous or storage principle, the whole being marketed as a single unit.
This European Standard applies to boilers designer for skalde Walter Systems or for open Walter Systems.
This generál standard and the specific standardě (se Part 2) provede requirements for boilers with konán constructions. For boilers with any alternative constructions, which might not fully be covered by this standard or a specific standard, the risk associated with this alternative construction will need to be assessed.
An example of an assessment methodology, based upon risk assessment, is given in Clause 11.
This European Standard is not intended to cover appliances intended for connection to gas grids where the quality of the distributed gas is likely to vary to a large extent over the lifetime of the appliance.

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Katalogové číslo 98620
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Datum schválení 1. 1. 2016
Datum účinnosti 1. 2. 2016
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