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Naftový a plynárenský průmysl - Potrubní přepravní systémy

ČSN EN 14161 +A1 Naftový a plynárenský průmysl - Potrubní přepravní systémy
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Anotace obsahu normy

This European Standard specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, materials, construction, testing, operation, maintenance and abandonment of pipeline systems used for transportation in the petroleum and natural gas industries.
It applies to pipeline systems on land (see exclusion below) and offshore, connecting wells, production plants, process plants, refineries and storage facilities, including any section of a pipeline constructed within the boundaries of such facilities for the purpose of its connection. The extent of pipeline systems covered by this European Standard is illustrated in Figure 1.
This European Standard applies to rigid, metallic pipelines. It is not applicable for flexible pipelines or those constructed from other materials, such as glass-reinforced plastics.
This European Standard is applicable to all new pipeline systems and can be applied to modifications made to existing ones. It is not intended that it apply retroactively to existing pipeline systems.
It describes the functional requirements of pipeline systems and provides a basis for their safe design, construction, testing, operation, maintenance and abandonment.
On-land supply systems used by the European gas supply industry from the input of gas into the on-land transmission network up to the inlet connection of gas appliances are excluded from the scope of this European Standard."

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