ČSN EN 9722 (310481)

Letectví a kosmonautika - Architektura pro integrovaný management zdravotního stavu systému

ČSN EN 9722 Letectví a kosmonautika - Architektura pro integrovaný management zdravotního stavu systému
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This document defines requirements for the preparation and execution of the audit process. In addition, it defines the content and composition for the audit reporting of conformity and process effectiveness to the EN 9100-series standards, the organization's QMS documentation, and customer and statutory/regulatory requirements.
The requirements in this document are additions or represent changes to the requirements and guidelines in the standards for conformity assessment, auditing, and certification as published by ISO/IEC (i.e. ISO/IEC 17000:2020, ISO/IEC 17021-1). When there is conflict with these standards, the requirements of this document take precedence.
NOTE 1 - In this document, the term "EN 9100-series standards" comprises the EN 9100, EN 9110, and EN 9120 standards, developed by the IAQG and published by various national standards bodies.
NOTE 2 - In addition to this document, the IAQG publishes deployment support material on the IAQG website (see http://www.iaqg.org) that can be used by audit teams, when executing the audit process.
This document is intended to be used for audits of EN 9100-series standards by Certification Bodies (CBs) for certification of organizations, under the auspices of the ASD industry certification scheme [also known as the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) scheme]. The ICOP scheme requirements are defined in the EN 9104-series standards (i.e. EN 9104-1, EN 9104-2, EN 9104-3).
NOTE - Relevant parts of this document can also be used by an organization in support of internal audits (1st party) and external audits at suppliers (2nd party). This document is mainly aimed at all the trades which are actively involved in managing the health of a system.
Although it relies on examples of aeronautical systems, the expert group considers that this document is applicable for systems from other areas.
This document specifies the centralization of the health data for a fleet of systems, such as an aircraft fleet for example, to ensure consistency between stakeholders (operators, repair facilities, designers, etc.) and the management of its health card.

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