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ČSN EN 17037+A1 (73 0582)

This document specifies elements for achieving, by means of natural light, an adequate subjective impression of lightness indoors, and for providing an adequate view out. In addition, recommendations for the duration of sunshine exposure within occupied rooms are given.
This document gives information on how to use daylighting to provide lighting within interiors, and how to limit glare. This document defines metrics used for the evaluation of daylighting conditions and gives principles of calculation and verification. These principles allow to address the issue of variability of daylight over the days and the year.
This document applies to all spaces that may be regularly occupied by people for extended periods except where daylighting is contrary to the nature and role of the actual work done.
The specification of lighting requirements for humans in indoor work places including visual tasks are given in EN 12464-1 and are not part of this document.

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