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Ergonomie tepelného prostředí - Určování metabolizmu

ČSN EN ISO 8996 Ergonomie tepelného prostředí - Určování metabolizmu
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This document specifies different methods for the determination of metabolic rate in the context of ergonomics of the thermal working environment. It can also be used for other applications, e.g. the assessment of working practices, the energetic cost of specific jobs or sport activities and the total energy cost of an activity. The methods are classified in four levels of increasing accuracy: level 1, Screening, with a table giving examples of activities with low, moderate and high metabolic rates; level 2, Observation, where the metabolic rate is estimated by a time and motion study; level 3, Analysis, where the metabolic rate is estimated from heart rate recordings or accelerometers measurements; and level 4, Expertise, where more sophisticated techniques are described. The procedure to put into practice these methods is presented and the uncertainties are discussed.

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