ČSN EN 17490 (746092)

Stanovení vytahovací síly šroubů ze závitů

ČSN EN 17490 Stanovení vytahovací síly šroubů ze závitů
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This document provides a test method for determining the bearing capacity (pull out force) of a connection consisting of a screw in a screw thread channel, which cannot be calculated in accordance with current codes or conventional calculations. This document can be applied to screw thread channels used in several products, including doors, windows and curtain walling. This document is applicable to screw thread channels made out of metal, as well as metal screws. The pull out forces of such connections can already be assessed indirectly with another test method e.g. wind load resistance for doors/windows according to EN 12211 or curtain walling kits according to EN 12179. Additional information with respect to the mechanical performance of connections and direct applications can be determined with the test method described in this document. The bearing capacity of non-metallic components under the combination of high temperature and load is not considered in the standard. Additional verifications are performed depending on the type of the non-metallic material used.

Označení ČSN EN 17490 (746092)
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