ČSN EN ISO/ASTM 52915 (011825) Nové vydání

Specifikace formátu souboru pro aditivní vyrobu (AMF) Verze 1.2

ČSN EN ISO/ASTM 52915 Specifikace formátu souboru pro aditivní vyrobu (AMF) Verze 1.2
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Anotace obsahu normy

This document provides the specification for the Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF), an interchange format to address the current and future needs of additive manufacturing technology.
This document specifies the requirements for the preparation, display and transmission for the AMF. When prepared in a structured electronic format, strict adherence to an extensible markup language (XML)[1] schema supports standards-compliant interoperability.
NOTE A - W3C XML schema definition (XSD) for the AMF is available from ISO from http:// standards .iso .org/ iso/ 52915 and from ASTM from www .astm .org/ MEETINGS/ images/ amf .xsd. An implementation guide for such an XML schema is provided in Annex A.
It is recognized that there is additional information relevant to the final part that is not covered by the current version of this document. Suggested future features are listed in Annex B.
This document does not specify any explicit mechanisms for ensuring data integrity, electronic signatures and encryptions.

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