ČSN EN 13206 +A1 (646041) Nové vydání

Plasty - Krycí plastové fólie pro použití v zemědělství a zahradnictví

ČSN EN 13206 +A1 Plasty - Krycí plastové fólie pro použití v zemědělství a zahradnictví
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ČSN EN 13206+A1

This European Standard specifies the requirements related to dimensional, mechanical, optical and thermal characteristics of thermoplastic films used for covering permanent or temporary greenhouses and walking tunnels and low tunnels used for forcing and semi-forcing vegetable, fruit and flower crops.
Lay-flat perforated cover films are also in the scope of this European Standard.
It specifies a classification for the durability of covering films and the test methods referred to in this standard.
This European Standard specifies also test methods for the determination of the chlorine and sulfur contents of films subjected to use.
This European Standard is applicable to thermoplastic covering films used in agriculture and horticulture in Europe, in the thickness range 20 µm up to more than 250 µm, based on polyethylene and/or ethylene copolymers materials, of the following types: non-thermal films, thermal clear films and thermal diffusing films.
This European Standard also defines guidance for installation, use and disposal of covering films. It defines the conventional expected lifetime, as well as rules that allow evaluating the remaining use potential in the event of a failure before the normal end-of-use date.
NOTE - These rules allow estimating the residual value of the films. These provisions only apply to the film itself and the damage it has undergone. Any other problem falls within the scope of professional practices and the general terms and conditions of sale.

Označení ČSN EN 13206 +A1 (646041)
Katalogové číslo 509979
Cena 550 Kč550
Datum schválení 1. 7. 2020
Datum účinnosti 1. 8. 2020
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