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Hořáky na kapalná paliva s ventilátorem

ČSN EN 267 Hořáky na kapalná paliva s ventilátorem
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This document specifies the terminology, the general requirements for the construction and operation of forced draught oil burners and also the provision of control and safety devices, and the test procedure for these burners.
This document applies to forced draught oil burners supplied with:
- fuel based on first raffinates and their mixtures with biogenous liquid fuels having a viscosity at the burner inlet of 1,6 mm2/s (cSt) up to 6 mm2/s (cSt) at 20 °C, and
- higher boiling petroleum based first raffinates (viscosity greater than 6 mm2/s), that require preheating for proper atomization.
This document is applicable to:
- single burners fitted to a single combustion chamber;
- single burners fitted to an appliance with additional requirements;
NOTE When additional requirements which are not identified or specified in this standard apply, the specification of the required safety measures and/or protective devices and compliance with them is outside the scope of this standard.
- single-fuel and dual-fuel burners when operating on oil only;
- the oil function of dual-fuel burners designed to operate simultaneously on liquid and gaseous fuels, which, for the latter, the requirements of EN 676 also apply.
This document deals with all significant machine hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to burners, when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable, see Annex J.
This document also deals with the additional requirements for the burners in the scope with pressurized parts and/or firing pressurized bodies, see Annex K.
This document specifies the requirements to ensure the safety during commissioning, start-up, operation, shut-down and maintenance.
This document deals also with forced draught burners intended to be used with biogenous liquid fuels, mixtures.
This document deals also with burners and their equipment to increase the total appliance efficiency, see Annex M.

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