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Naftový a plynárenský průmysl - Ocelové vrtné potrubí

ČSN EN ISO 11961 Naftový a plynárenský průmysl - Ocelové vrtné potrubí
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This document specifies the technical delivery conditions for steel drill-pipes with upset pipe-body ends and weld-on tool joints for use in drilling and production operations in petroleum and natural gas industries for three product specification levels (PSL-1, PSL-2 and PSL-3). The requirements for PSL-1 form the basis of this document. The requirements that define different levels of standard technical requirements for PSL-2 and PSL-3 are in Annex G.
This document covers the following grades of drill-pipe:
- grade E drill-pipe;
- high-strength grades of drill-pipe, grades X, G and S;
- enhanced H2S resistance drill pipe, grades D and F.
A typical drill-pipe configuration is given, showing main elements and lengths (see Figure B.1). The main dimensions and masses of the grades of drill-pipe are given in both SI units (see Table A.1) and in USC units (see Table C.1).
This document can also be used for drill-pipe with tool joints not specified by ISO or API standards.
By agreement between purchaser and manufacturer, this document can also be applied to other drill-pipe body and/or tool-joint dimensions. This document lists supplementary requirements that can optionally be agreed between purchaser and manufacturer, for testing, performance verification and non-destructive examination (see Annex E).
This document does not consider performance properties, nor performance degradation of the product when in service.
NOTE 1 -In this document, drill-pipe is designated by label 1, label 2, grade of material (E, X, G, S, D and F), upset type and type of rotary shouldered connection. Designations are used for the purpose of identification in ordering.
NOTE 2 - Reference can be made to ISO 10424-2 or API Spec 7-2 for the detailed requirements for the threading of drill-pipe tool joints.
NOTE 3 - Reference can be made to API RP 7G for the performance properties of the drill-pipe.

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