ČSN EN ISO 17201-1 (011690) Nové vydání

Akustika - Hluk střelnic - Část 1: Určení hluku výstřelu u ústí hlavně pomocí měření

ČSN EN ISO 17201-1 Akustika - Hluk střelnic - Část 1: Určení hluku výstřelu u ústí hlavně pomocí měření
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This document specifies a method to determine the acoustic source energy of the muzzle blast for calibres of less than 20 mm or explosive charges of less than 50 g TNT equivalent. It is applicable at distances where peak pressures less than 1 kPa (equivalent to a peak sound pressure level of 154 dB) are observed. The source energy, directivity of the source and their spectral structure determined by this procedure can be used as input data to sound propagation programmes, enabling the prediction of shooting noise in the neighbourhood of shooting ranges. Additionally, the data can be used to compare sound emission from different types of guns or different types of ammunition used with the same gun.
This document is applicable to guns used in civil shooting ranges but it can also be applied to military guns. It is not applicable to the assessment of hearing damage or sound levels in the non-linear region.
Suppressors and silencers are not taken into consideration in this document.

Označení ČSN EN ISO 17201-1 (011690)
Katalogové číslo 507373
Cena 550 Kč550
Datum schválení 1. 8. 2019
Datum účinnosti 1. 9. 2019
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EAN kód 8596135073733
Tato norma nahradila ČSN EN ISO 17201-1 (011690) z února 2006
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