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Přepravní plošiny

ČSN EN 16719 Přepravní plošiny
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Anotace obsahu normy

Temporarily-installed, guided powered platforms with rack and pinion drive, which have an open platform and hold-to-run controls operated by authorized, trained operators on the platform.
Used for transporting authorized passengers and materials vertically (or along the path 15° maximum of the vertical), at limited speed, with a minimum safety offset distance and serving fixed levels on a building or structure for construction related activities including renovation and maintenance.
This European Standard does not include
a) hydraulic drives for transport platforms;
b) wire rope drives for transport platforms;
c) chain drives for transport platforms;
d) use as a Mast Climbing Work Platform (see EN 1495);
e) use as a Goods Hoist (see EN 12158 1);
f) use as a Passenger/Goods Hoist (see EN 12159).
1.2 This European Standard identifies hazards as listed in Clause 4 which arise during the various phases in the life of such equipment and describes methods for the elimination or reduction of these hazards when used as intended by the manufacturer.
1.3 This European Standard does not specify the additional requirements for
a) operation in severe conditions (e.g. extreme climates, strong magnetic fields);
b) lightning protection;
c) operation subject to special rules (e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres);
d) electromagnetic compatibility (emission, immunity);
e) handling of loads the nature of which could lead to dangerous situations (e.g. molten metal, acids/bases;
f) radiating materials, fragile loads);
g) the use of combustion engines;
h) the use of remote controls;
i) hazards occurring during manufacture;
j) hazards occurring as a result of mobility;
k) hazards occurring as a result of being erected over a public road;
l) earthquakes

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Datum schválení 1. 9. 2018
Datum účinnosti 1. 10. 2018
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