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This Standard specifies the properties of Lightweight Aggregates (LWA) and fillers derived thereof obtained by processing natural or manufactured materials and mixtures of these aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout, bituminous mixtures and surface treatments and for unbound and hydraulically bound applications in construction works.
This Standard covers LWA of mineral origin having particle densities not exceeding 2 000 kg/m3
(2,000 Mg/m3) or loose bulk densities not exceeding 1 200 kg/m3 (1,200 Mg/m3) including:
a) natural LWA;
b) LWA manufactured from natural materials;
c) LWA manufactured from by-products of industrial processes or from recycled source materials;
d) LWA as by-products of industrial processes.
A list of source materials and specific materials, which are within the scope of this standard, is given in Annex A (normative).
NOTE - Recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste and Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash (MIBA) are covered by EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13139 and EN 13242.
Some LWA for specific applications are covered in separate European product Standards (Annex B, normative).
The requirements specified in this European Standard may not be equally relevant to all types of LWA. For particular applications, the requirements and tolerances can be adapted for the end use.

Označení ČSN EN 13055 (721505)
Katalogové číslo 500827
Cena 550 Kč550
Datum schválení 1. 12. 2016
Datum účinnosti 1. 1. 2017
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Počet stran 56 stran formátu A4
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a nahrazena ČSN EN 13055 (721505)
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