ČSN EN 16570 (977129)

Informační technologie - Potvrzení RFID - Informační značka a dodatečné informace poskytované provozovatelem systému RFID

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Anotace obsahu normy

1.1 General The scope of this EN is to define the requirements for a Common European Notifi-cation Signage system to be used by operators of RFID application systems deployed within the EU Member States.
1.2 Objective The objective of this EN is to provide enterprises, both large and small, with a common and accessible framework for the design and display of RFID notification signs. In ad-dition to the information placed on the sign, the framework includes the information policy - needed to answer enquiries received from individuals accessing the contact point noted on the sign itself. This minimizes the volume of information writtenon the sign.
This European Standard defines:
a) the details of data and graphics that shall be included on the signage;
b) the presentational requirements for the signage, taking account of the need;
1) to provide a practical solution given constraints on print technique and print area;
2) for a consistent common and recognisable signage;
c) means to support accessibility;
d) the structure and content of an information policy to meet the informational needs of individuals with respect to RFID privacy.
1.3 Applicability This EN provides an application-agnostic framework which may be used by all enterprises operating RFID applications in the European Union.

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