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Měkké lehčené materiály - Zkouška urychleným stárnutím

ČSN EN ISO 2440 Měkké lehčené materiály - Zkouška urychleným stárnutím
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This document specifies, for flexible and rigid cellular polymeric materials, laboratory procedures which are intended to imitate the effects of naturally occurring reactions such as oxidation or hydrolysis by humidity. The physical properties of interest are measured before and after the application of the specified treatments.
Test conditions are only given for open cellular latex, both open- and closed-cell polyurethane foams, and closed-cell polyolefin foams. Conditions for other materials will be added as required.
The effect of the ageing procedures on any of the physical properties of the material can be examined, but those normally tested are either the elongation and tensile properties, or the compression or indentation hardness properties.
These tests do not necessarily correlate either with service behaviour or with ageing by exposure to light.
If desired, the ageing conditions contained in this document can be applied to composite structures containing any of the above types of cellular material. This can be helpful in the investigation of possible interactions between cellular materials and other substrates. Composite constructions can be in the form of complete finished products or representative small specimens cut there-from

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