ČSN EN 16909 (834743)

Kvalita ovzduší - Stanovení elementárního uhlíku (EC) a organického uhlíku (OC) zachyceného na filtrech

ČSN EN 16909 Kvalita ovzduší - Stanovení elementárního uhlíku (EC) a organického uhlíku (OC) zachyceného na filtrech
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Anotace obsahu normy

This European Standard is applicable for the measurement of elemental carbon (EC) and organic carbon (OC) following the requirement for all EU member states to measure EC and OC in particulate matter from June 2010 at background sites according to the Council Directive 2008/50/EC on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe [1].
This European Standard describes the analytical procedures for determining EC and OC on quartz fibre filters as µg/cm2, and the subsequent calculation of concentrations as µg/m3. Sampling onto filters is to be done in accordance with EN 12341:2014 for PM2,5. The sampling process determines the size fraction of the particulate matter, the retention of semi-volatile material, and uptake/loss of volatile organic compounds on the filter at the time of sampling.
The same analysis method may also be used for smaller size fractions than PM2,5. Any possible additional artefacts for larger particles, e.g. pyrolysis or higher concentrations of carbonates, should be assessed.
The scope includes rural background and urban background sites. The measurement method can also be applied to other site types, provided that the measurement range given below is not exceeded. The use of this standard at all site types allows the assessment of additional exposure of people in urban areas as stated in the objectives of the council directive and to achieve coherence in the European approach.
The applicable concentration range of the proposed method is limited by the optical correction and instrument applied in the analysis of EC and OC. This method was validated from 0,2 µg CEC/cm2 and 1,8 µg COC/cm2 to 38 µg CEC/cm2 and 49 µg COC/cm2 in the laboratory and to 16 µg CEC/cm2 and 45 µg COC/cm2 in the laboratory validation exercise and in the field validation exercise.

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