ČSN EN ISO 13482 (186505)

Roboty a robotická zařízení - Bezpečnostní požadavky pro roboty určené k osobní péči

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This International Standard specifies requirements and guidelines for the inherently safe design, protective measures, and information for use of personal care robots, in particular the following three types of personal care robots:
- mobile servant robot;
- physical assistant robot;
- person carrier robot.
These robots typically perform tasks to improve the quality of life of intended users, irrespective of age or capability. This International Standard describes hazards associated with the use of these robots, and provides requirements to eliminate, or reduce, the risks associated with these hazards to an acceptable level. This International Standard covers human-robot physical contact applications.
This International Standard presents significant hazards and describes how to deal with them for each personal care robot type.
This International Standard covers robotic devices used in personal care applications, which are treated as personal care robots.
This International Standard is limited to earthbound robots.
This International standard does not apply to:
- robots travelling faster than 20 km/h;
- robot toys;
- water-borne robots and flying robots;
- industrial robots, which are covered in ISO 10218;
- robots as medical devices;
- military or public force application robots.
NOTE The safety principles established in this International Standard can be useful for these robots listed above.
The scope of this International Standard is limited primarily to human care related hazards but, where appropriate, it includes domestic animals or property (defined as safety-related objects), when the personal care robot is properly installed and maintained and used for its intended purpose or under conditions which can reasonably be foreseen.
This International Standard is not applicable to robots manufactured prior to its publication date.
This International Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous events as described in Annex A. Attention is drawn to the fact that for hazards related to impact (e.g. due to a collision) no exhaustive and internationally recognized data (e.g. pain or injury limits) exist at the time of publication of this International Standard.

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