ČSN EN 301549 (870009)

Požadavky přístupnosti na výrobky a služby ICT

ČSN EN 301549 Požadavky přístupnosti na výrobky a služby ICT
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The present document specifies the functional accessibility requirements applicable to ICT products and services, together with a description of the test procedures and evaluation methodology for each accessibility requirement in a form that is suitable for use in public procurement within Europe. The present document is intended to be used with Web based technologies, non-web technologies and hybrids that use both. It covers both software and hardware as well as services. It is intended for use by both providers and procurers, but it is expected that it will also be of use to many others as well.
The relationship between the present document and the essential requirements of Directive 2016/2102 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies [i.28] is given in Annex A.
The present document contains the necessary functional requirements and provides a reference document such that if procedures are followed by different actors, the results of testing are similar and the interpretation of those results is clear. The test descriptions and evaluation methodology included in the present document are elaborated to a level of detail compliant with ISO/IEC 17007:2009 [i.14], so that conformance testing can give conclusive results.

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