ČSN EN IEC 62881 (180417)

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ČSN EN IEC 62881 Tabulka příčin a následků
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This document addresses the setting and implementation of C&E matrices for a consistent use in engineering activities. It aims to describe a simple format used to support a consistent exchange of information between different engineering disciplines involved in project or maintenance activities. The document defines the minimum requirements of the C&E matrix content, which is derived from existing design documents, for example P&ID or verbal descriptions. The transfer of the relations defined in C&E matrices into a functional or source code for the application programming of PLC/DCS is out of the scope of this document. In addition, this document does not cover the implementation of complex and/or sequential logics at a dedicated automation platform, which will require additional stipulations to be done/ followed. It is understood, that C&E matrices in fact can be used to document the fault reactions of the plant equipment and therefore can be used as reference point for the necessary safety verifications to be applied. C&E matrices as defined in this document do not have the same scope as Fishbone or Ishikawa diagrams, which are often named in the literature as cause and effect diagrams.

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