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Pozemní pohyblivá služba - Specifikace vícekanálového vysílače pro službu PMR - Harmonizovaná norma pokrývající základní požadavky článku 3.2 Směrnice 2014/53/EU

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The present document covers the technical requirements for multiple channel radio transmitters used in stations in the Private Mobile Radio (PMR) service.
It applies to use in the land mobile service, operating on radio frequencies between 30 MHz and 3 GHz, with channel separations of < 10 kHz, 12,5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 50 kHz, 100 kHz and 150 kHz.
It applies to equipment for continuous and/or discontinuous transmission of data and/or digital speech and/or analogue speech and using constant envelope or non-constant envelope modulation.
The equipment comprises a transmitter capable of simultaneous amplification or transmission on two or more RF channels, or an amplifier which when operated with transmitter equipment provides simultaneous transmission on two or more RF channels. The types of equipment covered by the present document are as follows:
- base station (equipment fitted with an antenna connector, intended for use in a fixed location);
- mobile station (equipment fitted with an antenna connector, normally used in a vehicle or as a transportable);
- those hand portable stations:
a) fitted with an antenna connector; or
b) without an external antenna connector (integral antenna equipment), but fitted with a permanent internal or a temporary internal 50 Ohm Radio Frequency (RF) connector which allows access to the transmitter output; and
- any equipment that may be used in combination with any of the above equipments when directly connected to those equipments for the amplification of the transmitter output signals of two or more individual equipments.
Types of equipment not covered by the present document are as follows:
- hand portable equipment without an external or internal RF connector and without the possibility of having a temporary internal 50 Ohm RF connector is not covered by the present document;
- any equipment using passive combining solutions where each transmitter connected to the passive combining system transmits on a single channel, as detailed in ETSI EG 200 053 [i.2], clause H.3.
These specifications apply to the transmitter or transmitter amplifier only. If a receiver is fitted to the same equipment, the receiver specifications in the relevant specification (references [i.5] to [i.12]) also apply.
These specifications do not necessarily include all the characteristics that may be required by a user of equipment, nor do they necessarily represent the optimum performance achievable.
In addition to the present document, other ENs that specify technical requirements in respect of essential requirements under other parts of article 3 of the Radio Equipment Directive [i.3] may apply to equipment within the scope of the present document.

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